Tours to Albania and Madagascar

Presentatie door Colin Miell (Engelstalig)

Locomotive Club of Great Britain tours to Albania in 2010 and 2012, followed by Madagascar 2012

A very detailed look at the railway systems of both countries as they existed back in 2010 and 2012.

In Albania we covered the entire length of every line that still existed in those days – specifically Tirana to Durres, the line north to Skhoder, the southern line to Vlore, and the line via Elbasan across to Pogradec, on the shore of Lake Ohrid. You will see a cross-section of active motive power, depot visits and stored/ dumped locomotives. Plus some ‘classic’ shipping, architecture, scenery, local colour, and the like. As far as is known, there are currently no railways still operating in Albania, which is very sad for a European country.

Then we have the amazing Island in the Indian Ocean that is Madagascar. We cover every metre of the independent ‘Madarail’ system in the north, plus the separate Government operated line that runs from Fianarantsoa, through superb scenery, down to Manakara on the southest coast. You will see a truly wonderful variety of motive power, including a couple of superb Michelin Railcars. Again local colour and architecture will feature. Then there is the stunning wildlife of the Island, which includes crocodiles, birds, monkeys, and of course the many species of lemur, which are simply beautiful, and are endemic to Madagascar.